Monday, 8 July 2013

Joan Serra Vilamitjana, 1947-2013

Joan died on the 5th July. 

Joan was beautiful. 

He was a beautiful dancer - I saw him performing just a few months ago, every movement measured, precise, flowing and relaxed. He created beauty from a group of very variable village dancers, building more than 30 years of Gitanes dancing (in the 1970s Joan had gathered and choreographed the traditional dance steps, at that time only in the memories of the village elders.) 

Joan in the crowd, Gitanes, Sant Esteve de Palautordera, 2011

He had beauty in his vision of how we should be - enjoying the moment, not planning for some unknown and in his case, terrible, future.

And he was beautifully inclusive. I'm an immigrant here, but Joan welcomed me and my son as dancers in Gitanes, drawing me in and giving me an entry to a new world of friends, of Catalan and of festa.

Never stop dancing.

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