Sunday, 20 May 2018


When there are between six and ten million species of insect, it can be difficult to define which one you are dealing with. Here are three, of which only the first is reasonably likely to be what I claim it is. The second is possibly what I claim it to be, but the third is a complete mystery.

Marbled White, Melanargia galathea

I photographed the Marbled White - if that is what it is - on a rosemary bush today at the Croft. The second was shot this morning - we found it in the bathroom and popped it onto an oregano plant; I have no idea what its natural habitat is. The colours are spectacular, and the outer surface of the turquoise thorax is covered in tiny bumps. So is this Chrysis ignita, the Ruby Tailed Wasp?

Chrysis of identity

And the third, shot a couple of days ago on a nettle leaf. S/he has distinctive white socks, but here I am completely lost; I can't even identify the Family this chap is from.

I'm in a ... cul de sock
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