Monday, 13 June 2011

Les Poussins sont arrivés

The chicks hatched on Saturday – 12 lovely, strong, fluffy Maran chickens.

They had arrived by post from France, sent by a helpful member of the Marans Club of France.
Chocolate eggs, anyone?

I washed them and put them into a friend's incubator. 21 days later they started to hatch, chipping a ring around the shell from the inside and then pushing and pushing until the membranes broke. It took the first chick more than 12 hours to get out, but later hatchings took place in just a few hours.

Maran eggs are, like shaken (not stirred) Martinis, a James Bond favourite.  So our first chick will be Sean (Connery), the second James (Bond), the third M and the fourth Goldfinger. This means that one poor blighter will have to be Smiert Spionam ("Death to Spies", from The Living Daylights)...
(And just for comparison, here is our natural incubator  - a photograph from our bread oven chimney yesterday.)

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