Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Nature wins

A family of Great Tits (Parus major) has made their home in the chimney of our bread-oven. I see him, mornings and evenings, tirelessly catching flies to feed first the female and now the hatchlings. Bread-making is off, for the moment.

Look closely...
...and you'll see...

...a bird

This is how I imagine the world will be, after our next Silent Spring, when Homo “sapiens” finally kills himself off with a genetically modified E.coli or a fossil-fuel-fired blast of climate change.

The birds will be the first to occupy our abandoned houses, then the mosses will sprout from the walls and the plants will creep in.

There are squares of stones near the Croft, just a shadow of a marking on the slope. Once, a hundred or so years ago, these were homes. Nature, always, wins.

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Andrew Eames said...

Blimey. Armageddon coming. Better wrap myself in tinfoil now!